Differentiation for gifted students
Curriculum differentiation


Make a Twist is a resource intended to make the education of gifted students practical and accessible.

Designed for upper primary to middle school students, it supports teachers/parents/students to identify, select and implement strategies that are aligned with current curriculum and assessment tasks.

Make a Twist puts into action the principles of C. June Maker’s curriculum modification strategies (the ‘Maker model’) in a way that is complex and challenging, therefore appropriate and engaging for high-ability students.

G&T differentiation activities

For Teachers

Make a Twist is intended to help the busy teacher differentiate the curriculum for gifted learners in alignment with current curriculum requirements and current class work. Facilitating the progress of students through the chosen activities can provide an opportunity to fulfil classroom assessment criteria while providing greater challenge.

It is recommended that students have an individual copy of this book or a unique login to the app with an accompanying portfolio of work, accounting for the range of differentiation they have experienced throughout their education. Make a Twist provides a way of building parental involvement, an understanding of learning needs and curriculum differentiation.

For Parents

Make a Twist is an excellent resource to help you and the class teacher identify and implement specific strategies within the classroom that are appropriate and engaging for your child. Make a Twist can open a communication with the busy teacher by offering a means for easy differentiation of the current class content, the current marking scheme and the school curriculum.

These tasks encourage independence in learning and are intended to be challenging and complex. Review of the differentiation strategy, scaffolding points and learning environment are recommended to support your child’s strengths throughout the task.

Across the Globe

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App Features

  • All ‘twists’ from the MaT book
  • Teacher & Parent Support sections
  • Individual student logins
  • Create your own ‘twists’
  • Teacher/parent feedback areas
  • Points award system

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